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We offer services for small and large companies looking to establish or optimize their employee retirement plans.


Foundation Wealth & Tax Advisors offers comprehensive services to help companies of all sizes design, deliver, and manage effective retirement plans for their employees. We understand the complexities involved in establishing and maintaining a plan that aligns with your company’s goals and adheres to regulatory requirements.

Our team of experienced advisors can review the retirement plan(s) you offer while identifying areas for improvement to maximize their effectiveness. We provide support with plan management, employee education, vendor management, investment selection and oversight, and ERISA 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary coverage, allowing you to focus on your core business activities and retain talent. 

Whether you’re a small business or a large company, we tailor our services to your company, ensuring your plan best suits the needs of your employees and your organization.


Why do I need a fiduciary advisor for my company’s retirement plan?

Think about it in terms of driving a car without insurance. Why would you want to assume all of the fiduciary liability for your company’s retirement plan? As a plan sponsor, you are a fiduciary of the plan and assume liability both as a business and as an individual. A plan advisor who acts in a formal capacity, either as an ERISA 3(21) or 3(38) advisor, allows you to outsource a substantial amount of this liability.

Beyond acting as a fiduciary, why would I hire Foundation Wealth & Tax Advisors as a retirement plan advisor?

Aside from the above mentioned fiduciary outsourcing, we will work with you to provide a comprehensive approach to designing and implementing a financial wellness program for your employees, as well as support you in your requirements to oversee and monitor the plan, investments, and service providers on a regular basis as required by the Department of Labor (DOL). We also create and maintain a fiduciary file that satisfies the requirements under ERISA for ongoing plan compliance and oversight.

This all sounds great, but isn’t this expensive? My business/retirement plan are too small to hire an advisor.

You’d be surprised to learn that’s likely not the case! We’ve helped business owners save costs while engaging our services via our relationships with service providers. We pride ourselves in ensuring that the pricing and service of your retirement plan service providers is monitored regularly. For new plans, we can also help maximize the tax credits that are available to startup retirement plans under the SECURE 2.0 Act. These credits may offset most (or all) of the cost of starting and maintaining a retirement plan over the first couple of years. It’s also important to consider the cost of your time as an owner/operator of your company. Would your time be best spent running the retirement plan? Our services allow you to run your business while we do what we do best, supporting your retirement plan.

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